Pages 6-10 (Eccl. 1:8b-11)

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  1. the early bit about songs on ipod is dated. it’s all the cloud, read in nyt today about hadrdrive space is becomming unimportant. i still suggest changing the scripture phrases to be less “male”

  2. i suspect any techie reference i make will be obsolete within minutes….but I hear ya. finding the balance between contemporary/relevant and immortal/timeless is massively challenging.
    thanks for posting.

  3. Brandon Hahnel

    The “Are hippies back?” moment was my first laugh-out-loud trigger. The best stand-ups make fun of every type of person – including their entire audience. You’re doing a good job of taking indirect swipes at your audience.

  4. Brandon Hahnel

    Salk Vaccine sounds a bit dated. I would go with “Polio Vaccine” – as it’s referred to nowadays.

    • You want me to take the Salk out of Salk Vaccine? I’m such a fan I hate to relegate his just fame to the forgotten annals of history. But then, that would be a very Ecclesiastes-ish thing to do, huh? Thanks. I feel my mss getting better with each post.

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