Pages 20-23 (Eccl. 2:9-11)

No color to save time.

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  1. #6 what about steve jobs, maybe kanye…

  2. makes me want to keep on reading 🙂

  3. Conversation and responses flow really well in these pages.

    Party girl is so stereotyped that she gets boring very quickly with all her party references. Any way to add some more depth and/or variety to her responses?

    Also, Steve Job’s appearance may not be appropriate since his death. Readers may be puzzled at his presence.

  4. Fabulous comments. Thanks. That party girl is admittedly over the top; she’s going to be one of the few who eventually fall under Dr. Q’s philosophical spell and amend her ways. I exaggerated her to create a contrast to the changes coming but you’re right, she’s too manic. Adding depth to a cartoon character is tricky, but I’ll do my best. Thanks!

    In establishing his credentials Qohelet engaged in the ancient near east practice of itemizing his achievements. It was a witty literary device because he turned his resume on its head, “All my stellar accomplishments were pointless.” My purpose in citing all those geniuses was to soften Dr. Q’s arrogant sounding boasts while acknowledging that he in fact was himself a genius. I chose Steve Jobs to give that line because I think he’s the most famous brilliant innovator with a big ego (and his face is more recognizable than the others). I’ll rethink my approach. Thanks again for great comments!

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