Pages 24-28 (Eccl. 2:12-16)


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  1. What is she picturing in 35-38?

    • Ooops, that’s her grave marker. She’s contemplating her own demise. Back to the drawing board!

      That character, by the way, represents anxiety. Her name is Karenoia. I’m still pondering how to speed up reader recognition of each student’s unique personality, philosophical bias, name, and emotional status. I’m torn: do I let readers slowly catch on how each character is different? Or do I include a cheat-sheet, a “cast of characters” bio page. The fact that there are so many characters doesn’t help. I’m playing chess with my readers…anticipating what they may be imagining, trying to steer their imaginations, but also not being so obvious that nothing is left for them to imagine. If I do most of the hard work on this side of the creative process readers will be entertained more easily (but not too easy!) with the finished product. Your comments help immensely. Thanks!

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