Pages 30-33 (Eccl. 2:18-23)

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  1. so erik, here is my concern. it seems to drag. the point is made and it then is retold and retold… i’ve done it many times. remind me to tell you my navy seals image for making a point, giving a talk, telling a joke, writing a story. i think this is a tension of following the original story and how we communicate today. tough challenge that only the brave would attempt. j

  2. Thanks for sounding the alarm….I don’t want to inflict on the world anything that drags. I relish this dilemma: I want to stick to the text (covering every word and avoiding the tendency of commentators/preachers to cherry pick the easy verses) AND make it interesting. This may be a fool’s errand since so much of Ecclesiastes is repetitious. I wrote about that here:

    If I stick to the text, it drags; if I spice it up I abandon the text. The artist/problem solver in me believes there’s a way out of this quandary. I just don’t know what it is yet.

    I thought of embracing the boring format, renaming this book 2400 TALKING HEADS, and calling the finished product an absurd post modern manifesto whose medium is the message. At other times I’ve thought about keeping the dialog but putting in into the mouths of super heroes, funny animals, and weird MC Escher-like geometric surrealistic shapes.

    How would the Navy Seals illustrate Ecclesiastes?

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