End of Chapter Two Ruminations

With two chapters behind us (ten to go), with 35 pages behind us (200+ to go), and with 44 verses behind us (176 to go), it’s time to pause and ponder the direction this thing is going. I’ll not be posting for a while. Please stand by.



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  1. Three weeks of reworking the structure of this thing and progress is slow. I’ve added a narrator which I believe will help with the flow. I’ve also gotten zanier, turning this into sci-fi. Making these adjustments requires a series of time consuming tasks: new pages, pagination, new [alien] characters, sub plots, etc. These changes I hope will help me reach the tipping point of absurdity, a fitting slant for a book whose refrain is “absurdity, absurdity.” Please continue to hold. Your call is important to us.

  2. It’s October 11, 2012 and I’m astonished how long it’s taken me to finish drawing twenty-two model sheets (bodies, turning heads, names, philosophical orientations). My next delicious task is penciling, inking, and then coloring pages 1-50 with my new WACOM Bamboo tablet.

    Once again, I beg your patience as I spiff up the first 50 pages (chapters 1 & 2) for our First Readers’ perusal and evaluation. I think you’ll like what I’ve done. But then, I also thought computers were a fad and that Jesus was coming back in 1973.

    The learning curve with this digital device is steep so once again, please stand by.

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