Pages 34-35 (Eccl. 2:24-26)



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  1. I like the sustained response from the Italian character. Seems like a good shift from the pop-up nature of the previous responses.

    In frame 17, how does “yes he is!” fit in?

    Since a coffee bean is not a legume (but a pit) this may be a good place to have one of the scientifically-oriented characters make a remark like, “Sheesh, how dumb! She doesn’t even know that a coffee bean is a pit. But hey, this WHOLE CLASS is the pits!”

  2. “Yes he is” is the believer’s response to the Epicurean (Italian) comment, “I eat and drink and there’s no God around.” This is one of those times where the Christian agrees with Dr. Q. As hopefully will become evident, she flip flops often and thus illustrates (albeit obtusely) the subjective nature of hermeneutics.

    Legumes/pits. You should be a fact checker! I’ve been drinking pit juice all these years and never knew it? Yikes! Your comments tell me you’re getting into the spirit of this graphic novel. As will be disclosed in ch. 12, Dr. Q’s MO is to goad his readers. Thus we’ve got over two hundred pages of student reactions to being goaded.

    As I reflect on pages 1-35 this week my challenge is to improve the narrative flow and keep readers’ attention; I want them to hang in here long enough to make it to ch. 12. Watching students get goaded for two hundred pages will be tedium of the first degree (“death by word balloon”) if I don’t improve the entertainment value with more engaging characters, wittier dialog, and (eventually) drawings that support the plot.

    The scientific materialist (black guy with lap top) and believer clash throughout this story, so your suggested comment is quite apt. Thanks for your helpful feedback, Bob. It feeds me!

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