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Volume One now available….

Many thanks to the patient followers on this blog. Since my last post I’ve completed the first volume of Ecclesiastes U which covers chapters 1 and 2. You can see portions of it here.

It may be endemic to all artists in general but it’s certainly true of this artist: the finished product begs for more tweaking….but I’ve got five more volumes to go and time’s awastin’!

Somewhere in Eccl Qohelet says the end of a thing is better than the beginning and I’m determined to finish this project. Please stand by!



End of Chapter Two Ruminations

With two chapters behind us (ten to go), with 35 pages behind us (200+ to go), and with 44 verses behind us (176 to go), it’s time to pause and ponder the direction this thing is going. I’ll not be posting for a while. Please stand by.



Welcome First Readers to Ecclesiastes University

You are invited to respond to a work in progress, Ecclesiastes University. I began the script for this graphic novel (AKA trade paperback, illustrated literature, comic book on steroids) last December and am now adding thumbnail sketches. Before drawing the final draft, your feedback will increase my confidence that this draft has been polished as much as possible. Once I’ve incorporated readers’ suggestions I’ll draw and then unleash the finished book on the public.

Here’s how you can help

  • Subscribe to this blog. You’ll be notified by email (hopefully weekly) when I post new pages.
  • Read 4-6 pages of illustrated text.
  • Take the four question quickie survey at the end of each post.
  • Leave comments for me and others to read.
  • Invite 18-23 year-old students (my target audience) to participate in this work in progress.
  • Use your imagination about the look of the final product; this is a rough draft. We’ll critique the graphic part later. It’s the novel we’re working on now. 

My main concern is the content

  • Does the plot cohere, flow, and make sense?
  • Does it increase your understanding of this ancient existentialist book?
  • Does it offer insight into issues of faith, science, depression, and suffering?
  • Is it funny?
  • Do the characters stay in character?
  • Are the infinitives split, participles dangling, or sentences incomplete? There shouldn’t be!

Thanks for participating!