Some Factoids About Ecclesiastes University

Summary: University students with a variety of interests respond to the philosophical ramblings of a depressed existentialist.

Setting: A classroom of 100 students in an imaginary school: Ecclesiastes University. This class: “Happiness 101.” Dr. Q (short for Qohelet) gives one lecture per day (the text of Ecclesiastes). The quarter consists of  50+ short lectures (4-5 cartoon pages each).

Audience: University students, depressed existentialists, persons baffled by the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, reflective thinkers interested in the connection between faith and science/suffering/doubt. This is the graphic novel I wish I had when attending the UW, ‘79-81

Publishing Goals: One 220 page volume (or four volumes 54+ pages each), sell hard copies, sell digital image for E-readers.

Arty Tidbits

  • Template pages were designed in Microsoft Publisher.
  • Text font is called digital strip 2.0 bb.
  • I’m drawing thumbnail sketches on 8.5” x 11” typing paper (landscape).
  • After penciling the thumbnail sketch I ink it with my trusty Lamy fountain pen.
  • To add a splash of color I use the ultimate in colored pencils, Prisma Color.
  • Each page has been scanned and pieced together in Microsoft Paint, creating an 8.5” x 11” (portrait).
  • I hope to draw the finished text in the style of Herge and Gluyas Williams

History: When Vicki was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in December, 2006, I gave up drawing entirely. When she moved into a nursing home last October I began drawing again. I also found myself brooding about my own existential quandary–this is not how we anticipated spending our final years. I found a kindred spirit in Qohelet and spent many lonely winter mornings musing over, journaling about, and making doodles of each verse. After seven months I completed a 220 page first draft, the results of which will slowly be posted here for first readers to critique. If you’re interested in my creative process I blogged about it here.

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